June 2017

Planning for summer camp is underway.


September 2017

We are working to establish a new school.

What Is FLAC?

Children, youth, and adults served in Dallas County will benefit from a comprehensive approach developed to meet individual and group needs. 

The programs provided will be a part of an array of services such mentoring, vocational and recreational activities,  health, nutritional, educational, parental support, dance, karate, and theater.

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  • Educati0n
  • Nutrition
  • Community

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a positive organization and model that fosters partnerships with families, schools, and community in order to work for the success and well being of everyone. 

FLAC has opted to develop and implement programs that will reduce the subsequent rates of at risk-behaviors among students and their parents.  FLAC has opted to implement programs that help solve the problems with the local efforts of multiple partner organizations. 


Future Leaders of American Charters is committed to empower individuals so they will reach their highest potential.  

Our Mission

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